PADI Assistant Instructor

Selecting Ocean Paradise Dive and Travel for your PADI Assistant Instructor course is a decision rooted in our commitment to excellence, comprehensive training, and a passion for fostering skilled and responsible diving professionals. With instructors that bring decades worth of teaching experience, Ocean Paradise Dive and Travel ensures that you receive top-tier education, combining theoretical knowledge with practical hands-on experience.

Ocean Paradise Dive and Travel distinguishes itself by offering a supportive and inclusive learning environment. The personalized attention provided by instructors allows for individualized guidance, ensuring that each candidate reaches their full potential. Our dedication to safety, coupled with a focus on teaching effective communication and leadership skills, sets the stage for a successful transition from diver to instructor. Moreover, Ocean Paradise Dive and Travel’s PNW location provides a unique backdrop for your training, offering diverse underwater environments to enhance your teaching capabilities. By choosing our institution, you are not just investing in a certification; you are immersing yourself in a transformative experience that prepares you to excel as a PADI Assistant Instructor while fostering a deep appreciation for the underwater world.